Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year!

happy new year! i hope you had a beautiful christmas. it was a busy (but strangely also very lazy) holiday and we're finally back in boston, ready to start a new year. i'm frantically working on putting together a baby shower for my sister so i won't be around for a few weeks but i wanted to share my little daruma.

i picked up this daruma on our trip to san francisco. back in high school, i had to do a project on japan and a part of it was to make a wish on a daruma doll. the idea really stuck with me and i've loved daruma ever since. daruma come in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles but one thing is always the same. daruma dolls come with both eyes blank. you make a wish on your daruma, fill in one of the eyes and once it's come true, you fill in the other. it's a symbol of luck and perseverance in japan. the story goes that a monk mediated facing a wall for nine years. he mediated for so long that his legs fell off!

so i made a big wish for the new year and filled in its eye... i hope it comes true! 


  1. I never heard about these before! They are so cool! Thanks for sharing. Hope your dream comes true. :)