Tuesday, February 28, 2012

maybe project life?

have you heard of project life? i've been seeing a lot of it around the blogging world and i'm definitely intrigued. created by becky higgins, project life aims to give you a way to document your daily life and collect all those little random moments that otherwise would be lost. i feel like it's a more organic way to scrapbook (yay! old school!) but still leaves room for creativity.

you can buy project life kits to get started but of course you could always gather your own supplies. for me, the emphasis here isn't on fancy products (though there are some very pretty tempting things out there) but on using actual scraps (gasp! using actual scraps to scrapbook??) and the bits and pieces of your daily life. thinking about starting it in june on my 29th birthday... hmmmm.


  1. this is for people like me, who have no creative vision but want to scrapbook! i would love to do a baby's first year album like this.