Thursday, February 9, 2012

pretty books

i wanted to share a few recent additions to my book collection. they're super beautiful and full of inspiration.

i'm terrible at drawing. really terrible. but sachiko's book breaks down her simple, sweet drawings into easy to learn steps. i love the little details that she includes. she covers every day, fairy tale and international people. there are also two other books in this series, let's draw cute animals and let's draw plants and small creatures.

 they draw and cook edited by nate padavick + salli swindell
this book started with a blog. artists and cooks from all over the world sent in their recipes accompanied by gorgeous illustrations. there's such a huge range of fantastic artwork in this book and tons of recipes that i can't wait to try.

 doodle stitching by aimee ray
i enjoyed my little dabble into embroidery and definitely want to get more into it. but i can't create my own original designs. this goes back to the "i can't draw" thing. doodle stitching covers the basics and includes so many pretty designs for you to follow.

so there you have it! i love books :)

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  1. Oh my goodness! "Let's draw happy people" looks so cute that I requested it from my local library. :o)