Thursday, February 4, 2010

canvas + string + felt

finally!  remember when i mentioned that i needed something to replace my constantly crooked picture frames?  well i went batty looking for the perfect fabric that fit in my price range and had to give up for awhile.  but then i saw this over at decor8.  what caught my eye wasn't the chevron art but this!

photo from decor8 by jess from makeunder my life

these were made by jess from makeunder my life and i thought they'd be perfect for my sad wall.  i bought a couple of cheap canvases and paint since i thought this would be a good way to add some color to my living room.

tah dah!  i really like how the cream string and leaves stand out against the wine colored canvas.  i used a hemp-like string meant for jewelry making that i thought would look great because of its raw texture.  the leaves were cut from good ol acrylic felt.  in total, the project cost me about $10.  once i hung them over my couch, i realized that they were a little small for the space so i hung them horizontally to make them look bigger.  but i think they would look great in a set of three hung vertically.  i love painting a clean white canvas in a solid dark color.  there's something so satisfying and slightly sinister about it  :)  thanks jess for the inspiration!


  1. youngmi, this looks amazing!!! i love it!!!! super classy :)

  2. i love them too!!! so pretty...i need something this simple and nice on my walls! my apt still feels like a dorm apt. great job!