Monday, January 24, 2011


it's not a good sign when the weather report uses words such as "frigid" and "arctic". thankfully, i grew up in a chicago suburb so i'm pretty used to it but even i need warming up once in awhile. and the perfect snack for cold, windy days is lahbokkie! dukbokkie is a dish made of rice cakes swimming in a hot and spicy, slightly sweet sauce. when you top it off with ramen noodles, it's called lahbokkie. in korean, ramen is pronounced more like "lahmyun". so when you mix dubokkie with lahmyun, you get lahbokkie. still with me? i like to add onion and carrots to mine and some people like to put in fish cakes too. but no matter what you toss in, lahbokkie will definitely warm you up! i wanted to post a recipe here but i didn't really measure anything. maybe next time :P

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