Monday, January 10, 2011

resolutions for 2011

i'm a little late with my resolutions because this year, i really wanted to put some thought into them. i'm hoping that if i take my time and choose them carefully, i'll take them more seriously and hopefully will be able to come back to them at the end of the year and feel that i've accomplished something. as a daily reminder, i printed and put my resolutions up on my wall above my desk.

1. be more positive/happy/kind - it's no secret that i'm kind of a grumpy person. lots of things make me angry (don't get me started about people at the airport) it's not something i enjoy and it's something that didn't develop until i went to college. i want to be more optimistic because the world definitely doesn't need another angry person but it could use more happy, positive people.

2. live life without a plan and be okay with it - the other day, a friend of mine said, "you make it sound like there's supposed to be a plan. there is no plan". i feel like i need to accept that i can't plan out every detail and just enjoy whatever gets thrown at me.

3. be craftier, become a better sewer - simple enough. i spend so much time staring at and hoarding inspiration that i find online but so little time actually using that inspiration.

4. spend less time online - i know a lot of people are resolving to be more connected this year but i want to go the other way. i want to peel myself away from my laptop and i want to write more letters, read more books, converse with people in person, and make things.

5. learn photoshop - i bought that darn photoshop for dummies book and i still haven't cracked it open. 

6. be more open to challenges - i like to live my life quietly. and i'm terrified of failure. all that equals a slight dislike of challenges. but how can a person really grow if they're constantly running away from challenges?

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