Thursday, January 13, 2011

why i make amigurumis

panda keychain for my mommy

i started crocheting a few years ago when i was unemployed and getting depressed because i felt like a waste space. i decided it was time to pick up a new hobby and my friends were all obsessed with knitting and crocheting so i thought i'd join along. i began crocheting baby blankets to be sent overseas to orphanages and to reservations where over 25% of the population was homeless and another 59% live in substandard housing. suddenly i felt useful. then my sister introduced me to amigurumis. amis were a lot more interesting and fun to make than half double crocheted blankets. but every once in awhile i would wonder, "should i be spending so much time making these? they don't serve a real purpose and i could be making something more useful". these past few months have reminded me why i make amigurumis. because they make people happy. nothing gives me the warm and fuzzies more than to get a message from a friend who i recently made an ami for saying that they had been feeling blue but their new little friend had brightened their day, made them smile, made them laugh. what a wonderful thing, knowing that you've made someone happy. and that is why i make amigurumis.

p.s. i still crochet baby blankets but now that my non-profit of choice has closed up shop, i have to decide where to donate my blankets. i would appreciate any suggestions!


  1. what an adorable post! it's so sweet of you to craft to make other peoples' lives better, i love that. and that's a wonderful little panda bear right there :-)

  2. Seems like a perfectly good and respectable reason to me! (And they *ARE* so darn cute I'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't like them...) :o)